The 2012 Colorado Ballot Amendments


60: Property Taxes
61: Limit Borrowing
62: Outlaw Abortion
63: Health Care Choice

P: Regulate Bingo
Q: Temporarily Relocating Government
R: Exempt Possessory Interests

101: State Fees
102: Release to Pretrial


Attorney General
Secretary of State
U.S. Senate

An Independent Evaluation

I am a small business owner (software company) and I have tried to carefully and dispassionately evaluate all of the colorado amendments. I am not part of any group proposing or opposing these ballot initiatives.

Each amendment was reviewed with the following priorities:

  1. Our number one issue is the recession and high unemployment. We need to do everything we can to mitigate the impact of the recession on the people of Colorado.
  2. Comprehensive education through College is essential for our future. Colorado's future is defined by how well we educate our students.
  3. We should propose amendments not as a first step, but only as a last resort. Amendments that are pet projects the legislature turned down should be rejected, regardless of how much we agree with them.

The Choices for the State Races

Please go to The Choices for the Colorado State Races for my take on the candidates for our state offices.

Vote No Dr. Evil 3 60, 61, & 101 - The Dr. Evil 3

Doug Bruce with his ongoing efforts to eliminate all taxes has probably inflicted more damage on this state than any other individual. I agree that the state is inefficiently run in places. I agree that there are taxes we should eliminate. And I would love to get government services without paying any taxes.

However, government performs many critical functions in our society. To take a small example, when the health department must cut back on restaurant inspections due to budget cutbacks, the number of people who get food poisoning goes up. To take a large example, when more students drop out of school, unemployment and crime go up.

We absolutely should continue to discuss what services the state should provide and at what level of funding. These three initiatives are not the way to have that conversation.

Finally, if these proposals pass, it will drive business from this state and stop any from moving here. Because people do not want to live in a state with no services, overcrowded and understaffed schools, etc. I think right now we want to increase jobs, not decrease them. (And I don't want to move my company to Oregon.)



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These sites provide more information on the initiatives. They do not provide a means of discussion.

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