The 2008 Colorado Ballot

Colorado House of Representatives CD-4 Candidates


Betsy Markey has been the CD-4 representative for 2 years. Cory Gardner is a state legislator and a man in a hurry to move up the ladder.

Cory Gardner [R]

Cory has been a reliable conservative voice for his legislative district. In terms of votes, legislation, etc. He's a qualified candidate and a good fit for this district. However...

  1. An essential requirement of a representative working for his constituents is to show up. Cory has missed important votes in the legislature. Will he do the same in Washington?
  2. A key part of representative democracy is for our representatives to talk to the voters, all the voters, and answer their questions. Cory has turned down repeated requests for interviews. How do we know what Cory stands for?
  3. Cory has refused to state where he stands on abortion and gay marriage. What do we get from a candidate who will not state where he stands?

If you like surprises in how your Congressman will show up & vote and/or want a Congressman who will avoid answering questions from the voters, vote for Cory. (Yes I'm being snide, but a candidate should be someone who will work if elected and who will tell the voters where they stand on the issues. Our country is in a world of hurt and a pig in a poke won't do.)

Betsy Markey [D]

Betsy has done a superb job of meeting as many people as she can across her district. I think she knows each part as well as the local political leaders in each City and County in her district. In addition she provides some of the best constituent service of anyone in Congress - and that matters a lot to people who run into a brick wall talking to the federal government.

She has also been willing to make the hard political decisions that were in the best interests of the country even when they were politically unpopular. She is a woman focused on what is best for the country, not what is best for Betsy Markey. Betsy Markey interview - 2008, Betsy Markey interview 2009.

If you want a Congresswoman who has worked tirelessly for her district, will tell you where she stands, and/or will make the hard decisions that are best for the country, vote for Markey.


Cory Gardner

Betsy Markey