The 2008 Colorado Ballot

101: Eliminate Numerous Fees, Reduce Income Tax


Drop vehicle fees down to $10.00 (yes ten dollars) and reduce the state income tax rate from 4.5% to 3.5% (yes that's a 22% reduction).

The true purpose of this initiative is to drastically reduce the size and role of government in Colorado and to reduce taxes. If you live in Colorado, this will directly reduce your quality of life.

Vote NO! Dr. Evil Amendment Vote No

This initiative is one of the Dr. Evil three put on the ballot by Doug Bruce. It's impact will be an immediate reduction in state income severe enough that it will drastically reduce virtually all state services.

Arguments Against

Very simply this will mean a 25% reduction is what the state provides its citizens. It's no exaggeration to say a vote for this initiative is a vote to close every 4th school, close every 4th prison, drop every 4th family with the parents unemployed from any support, etc.

Arguments For

It will reduce the income tax bill for a family with a yearly income of $55,000.00 by $708.00.



Full text of initiative

State Blue Book Analysis



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