The 2008 Colorado Ballot

P: Regulating Games of Chance


Bingo and raffles are presently licensed by the Secretary of State. This moves it to the Department of Revenue which regulates all similar items.

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This is placed on the ballot by a bipartisan majority of the state legislature. It makes the state a bit more efficient.

Arguments Against

For over 50 years, the Department of State has regulated bingo and raffles, and there is no need to move this oversight to another state agency. A 2007 state regulatory agency report concluded that the Department of State has adequately performed bingo licensing and enforcement functions, and found no compelling reason to move bingo regulation to the Department of Revenue. During an economic downturn, the state should not spend an estimated $116,000 to move the regulation of bingo and raffles.

Arguments For

The Department of Revenue currently regulates most gaming in the state and has established a framework to monitor financial resources and transactions. In a 2008 report to the state legislature, both the departments of Revenue and State found that it would be more practical and efficient to consolidate the regulation of these games in the Department of Revenue.



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