The 2008 Colorado Ballot

Colorado U.S. Senate Candidates


Michael & Ken both were in brutal primaries. Both won by a couple of points, but it was a lot closer than was originally expected. And both won by being the more conservative candidate in their primary.

They are both quality candidates who will serve Colorado well. And while Ken is well to the right of Michael, Michael has recently shifted over to "the deficit must be reduced" and so, at least for this election period, they will be pretty similar.

But in a more fundamental sense this is not a decision between Michael and Ken, it's a decision between [D] and [R]. The Senate used to be the body that was the most independent of party and direct political pressure. It is now, for almost every issue, the body that votes on party lines. What matters in this race is not the specific candidates, but their party.

The Senate could flip and this race could well be the deciding race. The key question in this race is who do you want holding the majority in the Senate. This question trumps any differences between the candidates.

Michael Bennet [D]

Michael Bennet has been a reliable supporter of the Obama administration from his very first day. That had its good (bills got passed without his asking for favors) and its bad (removing needed regulation from the financial reform bill) aspects. But the bottom line is he has selflessly fought to get the administration's agenda passed.

Michael Bennet introduction, and Michael Bennet primary election interview.

Note: Michael Bennet declined an interview for the general election because I supported Andrew Romanoff in the primary. I am hopeful that once the election is over Senator Bennet will be willing to answer questions from everyone once again.

If you want Harry Reid to remain as the Senate majority leader, you should vote for Michael.

Ken Buck [R]

Ken Buck was conservative back before it was popular. His goal is to move much of the government from the federal level to the state and local level; and to reduce the deficit. He will not reflexively oppose the Obama agenda, but he will generally be opposed to what they propose because of his viewpoint. Ken is basically old-time Colorado small government.

Ken Buck introduction, Ken Buck primary election interview, and Ken Buck general election interview.

Note: I think it speaks well of Ken Buck that he is willing to sit down with a Democrat (me) and fully answer the questions I have.

If you want Mitch McConnell to become the Senate majority leader, you should vote for Ken.


Michael Bennet

Ken Buck