The 2008 Colorado Ballot

Colorado House of Representatives CD-3 Candidates


John Salazar is the incumbent and has been in Congress for 6 years. Scott Tipton is presently in the state legislature and ran against John in '08. After a somewhat contentious primary is now poised to face him again.

John's a blue dog Democrat and Scott's a moderate Republican. So they probably agree more often than they disagree (although you will never hear that in the campaign - from either).

I think the big issue to face is that seniority is everything in the house and John has 6 years seniority. In addition John is on the House Appropriations Committee, which, because it determines funding, is immensely powerful.

Scott Tipton [R]

Scott is a good legislator and has done a good job representing his district in the state legislature. (I have asked Scott for an interview.)

If you're dissatisfied with the job John has done and/or want a Republican in there even at the cost of seniority and Appropriations, vote for Scott.

John Salazar [D]

John has done a superb job representing his district and reflecting the wishes of the voters in CD-3. He's also a class act. John Salazar Interview.

If you're happy with the job John has done and/or want to retain the advantage of his seniority and position on Appropriations, vote for John.


Scott Tipton

John Salazar