The 2008 Colorado Ballot

Colorado Treasurer Candidates


Cary Kennedy has been our state treasurer for the last 4 years and has an investment record that beats most of Wall St. And she did it while following a safe investment policy that never put our state funds at risk. The result of this is while many state governments have had reduced income due to bad investments, Colorado has not faced that additional reduction.

On the Republican side there was a very heated primary where Stapleton eked out a victory after heavily outspending his opponent.

Cary Kennedy [D]

Very simply Cary is doing an outstanding job. With the financial markets continuing to bounce all over the place, having someone who can keep our money growing is of tremendous importance to our state. Cary Kennedy Interview.

If you want a treasurer who you know can manage the state's money superbly well then Cary is your woman - regardless of your political affiliation. (I would vote for Darth Vader if he would be the best steward of our funds.)

Walker Stapleton [R]

There isn't a lot to say about Walker Stapleton because he's kept a pretty low profile. He does need to answer questions about what he will do as treasurer and how his business experience of managing family properties is sufficient training to manage the state's funds. (And his story about his DUI where two people were injured keeps changing.)

If you only vote Republican, I still think you should hold your vote for Treasurer until Walker provides a credible argument that he's qualified. He very well may be, but he hasn't been willing to make that argument yet (I have requested an interview).


Cary Kennedy

W.R. Stapleton