The 2008 Colorado Ballot

60: Reduce Property Taxes


Immediately reduce some property taxes, make it easier to reduce property taxes, and make it more difficult to increase property taxes. Will force a reduction in the state budget of 1.5 billion/year (that's the total presently spent on law enforcement (courts & prisons) and health services).

The true purpose of this amendment is to drastically reduce the size and role of government in Colorado and to reduce property taxes. If you live out of state and own lots of property in Colorado, it's a sweet deal. If you live in Colorado, this will directly reduce your quality of life.

Vote NO! Dr. Evil Amendment Vote No

This amendment is one of the Dr. Evil three put on the ballot by Doug Bruce. It's impact will be an immediate reduction in state income severe enough that it will drastically reduce virtually all state services.

Arguments Against

This undoes many voter approved taxes. All of those taxes will be immediately eliminated until 2012 which is the first election when they can be re-approved. So even if 100% of your community wants to fund libraries, parks, etc. at their present level - forget it for 2 years.

Same for the State of Colorado where we will see prisons and services for the poor and unemployed cut in half or more and higher ed support will probably be zeroed out. (K-12 and transportation are not impacted as much.)

It also includes an invitation to groundless lawsuits with the requirement that any suit claiming this amendment was improperly implemented will award costs and attorney fees. But the district sued receives nothing if they prevail in the suit.

Arguments For

It will slightly reduce (average $376.00/year) the annual property tax bill for property owners.

It requires ongoing votes (10 years or oftener) to continue every property tax. So the voters are regularly asked to re-approve every tax. It also allows non-residents who own property to vote in elections.



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