The 2008 Colorado Ballot

Q: Temporary Location for the State Seat of Government


Establish a process for moving the state seat of government to a temporary location during a declared disaster emergency.

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This is placed on the ballot by a bipartisan majority of the state legislature. If terrorists set off a nuclear device in Denver, this will let the state respond quicker.

Arguments Against

The measure may be unnecessary because all three branches of state government have powers under current law and rules to independently manage their operations and address disaster emergencies. For example, legislative rules allow the legislature to meet temporarily in another location in Denver or elsewhere in the state during a Governor-declared disaster emergency. The Governor also has powers to address disasters including ordering evacuations and reassigning state employees.

Arguments For

The state constitution does not provide a process to temporarily relocate the state seat of government - even during a disaster emergency. Amendment Q provides the legal authority for the temporary movement of state government in the event of a declared disaster emergency. It also enables state government officials to plan for and respond to a disaster emergency and continue essential government services without requiring a statewide vote on whether to move the state seat.



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