The 2012 Colorado Ballot Amendments


46: Elim. affirmative action
47: Right to freeload
48: Outlaw abortion
49: Elim public employee unions
50: Increase gambling
51: Increased funding for the disabled
52: Lock in I-70 funding
53: Criminalize mgmt. incompetence
54: Ban some from the political process
55: Prohibit firing employees
56: Require health insurance coverage
57: Companies liable for any injury
58: Increase funding for Higher-Ed
59: Increase funding for K-12 schools

L: Lower candidate age
M: Elim. obsolete items
N: Elim. obsolete items
O: Improve the initiative process

After the Election

Wow, what an election and what an amazing result. Congrats to Barak Obama, Mark Udall, & Betsy Markey.

It looks like 50 & 54 are the only two initiatives to pass. 58 & 59 failing are going to hurt Colorado. But we move on.

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An Independent Evaluation

We are an independent group that has carefully and dispassionately evaluated all of the colorado amendments. We are not part of any group proposing or opposing these ballot initiatives.

Each amendment was reviewed with the following priorities:

  1. A robust growing economy is essential for today and tomorrow. If the economy is strong the state has increased funds and reduced demands and can then meet more needs.
  2. Comprehensive education through College is essential for our future. Our future is defined by how well we educate our students.
  3. We should propose amendments not as a first step, but only as a last resort. Amendments that are pet projects the legislature turned down should be rejected, regardless of how much we agree with them.

Vote YES! Colorado's Future The Righteous 2

Economic success for our children depends in virtually all cases on their gaining a college degree. This requires good K-12 schools adequately funded (A-59) and making college affordable (A-58).

At present Higher-Ed funding is so tight that many students must forgo College because they cannot afford it. This is sentencing them to a life of economic poverty.

K-12 funding is presently ok (not great). But when Ref C. runs out in a couple of years, K-12 will once again face impossible constraints between what is needed and what is available.

If we don't adequately fund education in this state, then we sentence ourselves to fall behind not just other parts of this country, but behind the Chinese, Indians, and others who are adequately funding education.

Our future economic success requires the passage of 58 & 59.

Update (Rocky Mountain News): The no on 58 group claims that students will just waste this money on beer. The Oil & Gas companies would rather keep this money for hookers and blow.

Update 2: Interesting interview with Governor Ritter about Amendment 58.



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