The 2008 Colorado Ballot

M & N: Eliminate Obsolete Provisions

M: Summary

When the state constitution was adopted in 1876, it allowed the state legislature to pass laws to delay taxing any increase in the value of private land from planting hedges, orchards, and forests. Historical documents suggest that this delay was included in the constitution to promote and encourage the growth of forests on lands owned by private citizens. In 1876, the state legislature adopted a law excluding such plantings from taxation for ten years – through 1886.

In the late 1800s and early 1900s, the state legislature adopted other laws to delay taxing increased property value from tree plantings. As the law is written today, it excludes from taxation any increase in the value of private land resulting from the planting of trees for a period of 30 years from the date of planting. The law is not used in the way property is currently valued for property taxes. In addition, other sections of the constitution adopted more recently define allowable tax exemptions, and a tax exemption for planting hedges, orchards, or forests on private land is not included.

N: Summary

The manufacture, distribution, and sale of alcohol beverages are regulated by both the state and federal government. The federal government regulates the manufacture and import of alcohol to ensure the content is safe and the labeling is accurate. Colorado law regulates such things as standards of health, cleanliness, purity, quality, storage, and transportation of alcohol that is manufactured, distributed, and sold in the state. Referendum N repeals two sections of the state constitution relating to alcohol beverages.

Yes! Vote Yes

This cleans some obsolete provisions out of the constitution. With all the new stuff people are trying to jam in the constitution, cleaning out obsolete provisions makes even more sense. Vote Yes.

Arguments for & against

These two proposals make so much sense, there are no real arguments against either.


References M

Legislative Council

Secretary of State


References N

Legislative Council

Secretary of State



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M: Representatives Lambert, B. Gardner, King, Looper, Lundberg, Soper, Stafford, and Stephens; and Senator Schultheis.

N: Representatives Lambert, Benefield, B. Gardner, Looper, Lundberg, and Soper; and Senator Schultheis.