The 2008 Colorado Ballot

News Stories

Week of 28 September

Denver Post - Organized labor has pulled four measures from the November ballot as part of a deal with business. The Secretary of State's office has confirmed that the 4 are pulled.

Week of 21 September

Yes on 49 - Jon Caldera offers to withdraw 49 if Governor Ritter will instead implement it's items by executive order. Since 49 is almost certainly going to be defeated, Ritter almost certainly will turn this down.

Rocky Mountain News - the no on 58 group has called the plan a "handout" that would only provide most students with "weekend beer money."

Week of 14 September

Rocky Mountain News - As Salazar arrived at his office on 15th Street, he told the Rocky he expected a formal agreement "by next week." He declined to elaborate. "We're working on it," Salazar said.
The latest offer that sources say is on the table: businesses would kick in about $5 million to help fight three measures unions are trying to defeat

There is an Anti Amendment 50 group - - glad to see someone is there to fight the good fight.

Denver Post - A deal to pull four union-backed measures from the November ballot will cost businesses millions of dollars, according to a source familiar with the situation.

Denver Post - Business, labor need a truce - There is still time for both the unions and business groups to call off this brutal exercise in "mutually assured destruction."



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