The 2012 Colorado Ballot Amendments


Amendment 66

Proposition AA

Local Issues


Boulder 310 (& 2E)

An Independent Evaluation

I am a small business owner (software company) and I have tried to carefully and dispassionately evaluate this proposition. I am not part of any group proposing or opposing any amendments.

Amendment 66 - Increase K-12 Funding

This will increase funding for K-12 education in the state. This increases state income taxes (slightly on the middle class, more on the rich), changes the minimum state spending on education, and changes how the funds are allocated.

There's a lot to this bill and I cover it here. But the fundamental argument for most voters is the tax/funding increase.

If you think the K-12 system will be improved by additional funding, or you think the teachers are underpaid for they work they do - vote Yes.

If you think the K-12 system will not be improved substantially with additional funding and you think teachers are adequately paid - vote No.

Proposition AA - Marijuana Taxes

When marijuana was legalized in last year's election, one of the major arguments in its favor was that it would generate increased revenue to the state through taxes. This proposition implements the taxes, at a rate similar to the taxes on cigarettes & alcohol.

If you think marijuana should be taxed at a level comparable to cigarettes & alcohol - vote Yes.

If you think marijuana should be taxed lower or not at all, or if you smoke a lot of weed - vote No.

Local Initiatives

With only 2 statewide issues, I've added 2 local issues below.


There are numerous localities asking if there should be a moratorium on fracking. The fundamental problem is the oil companies do not have to disclose what they are pumping into our ground water (the sole exception to the clean water act). In addition, the oil companies have stopped any independent analysis of the effect of fracking.

This leaves the choice of trust the oil companies or temporarily stop fracking until independent research, with disclosure by the oil companies, can determine if the practice is safe.

If you trust the oil companies or think the jobs provided via fracking are worth the destruction of the environment - vote no.

If you want to know what the impact is before the practice expands - vote yes.

Boulder 310 (& 2E)

This very simply asks if, once the City decides to move forward on municipalization, do the voters have to approve the level of indebtedness the city takes on.

There's a lot to this bill and I cover it here.

If you favor municipalization, regardless of cost - vote no on 310 & yes on 2E.

If you oppose municipalization, or first want to know the total cost - vote yes on 310 and no on 2E.


Reference Sites

These sites provide more information on the initiatives. They do not provide a means of discussion.

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Blogs are your best resource for a full & open discussion of these initiatives. You can register on these and both ask questions and discuss these issues.

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