The 2012 Colorado Ballot Amendments


Amendment S

Amendment 64

Amendment 65



Congress (7 House seats)

An Independent Evaluation

I am a small business owner (software company) and I have tried to carefully and dispassionately evaluate this proposition. I am not part of any group proposing or opposing any amendments.

Amendment 64 - Legalize Marijuana

This will legalize marijuana at the state level (it will still be prohibited by federal law). If you use marijuana or don't want to tell others what they can do, then vote yes. Yes on 64.

If you want to stop others from using marijuana, you need to determine if criminal penalties are the most effective way to stop use. No on 64.

Amendment 65 - Suggest Campaign Limits

This amendment has zero impact. The constitution cannot require elected representatives to vote a specific way. Yes on 65.

Passing this will further clutter up the state constitution, and for zero effect. There's no No on 65 group, but the Steamboat Newspaper has a good opinion against it.

Amendment S - Revise State Personnel Rules

Why personnel rules are in the state constitution strikes me as over-doing it. But they are in there. As to these specific changes, they are basically small tweaks to the system.

This was placed on the ballot by the state legislature which means they have bi-partisan support.

Just Two Initiatives!

After years of having 6 - 14 initiatives on each ballot, this year we have just two. (The numbered amendments are initiatives, the letters are referred issues.)

Also unusual, there is almost no campaigning from either side. The groups that placed the initiative on the ballot has minimal funding (a website, yard signs, and annoying robocalls). There is no opposition group so far. And few politicians are taking an active role.

I think this is really good. Rather than being bombarded with propaganda, we voters are being left to evaluate the issues on the merits and cast our vote.


Reference Sites

These sites provide more information on the initiatives. They do not provide a means of discussion.

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Colorado Secretary of State - Elections Center.


Blogs are your best resource for a full & open discussion of these initiatives. You can register on these and both ask questions and discuss these issues.

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