The 2008 Colorado Ballot

Colorado Gubernatorial Candidates


The gubernatorial election so far, if presented in Hollywood as a movie idea, would have been turned down as too outlandish. On the Democratic side we had Governor Ritter declining to run with less than a year to go and the attendant jockeying among the Democrats then looking to run.

And on the Republican side we had a tea party candidate who kept getting written off, and yet kept winning at each step. Then going in to the final days of the primary both candidates had very damaging issues arise, leaving the Republican voters to select the lesser of two bad choices.

But that wasn't the end of it. We then had Tom Tancredo jump in as the ACP candidate because he believes neither of the Republican candidates had the integrity to serve as Governor.

Wow - good times.

John Hickenlooper [D]

John Hickenlooper has done a superb job as mayor of Denver which is great preparation for the job of Governor. He is a moderate pro-business Democrat with a background in the Oil & Gas industry (he's a geologist) as well as the restaurant business (he founded several successful brew-pubs). John Hickenlooper Interview.

If you are liberal or moderate and/or think the state needs to be more effective and efficient, but not drastically smaller, then John Hickenlooper is your candidate.

Dan Maes [R]

There are numerous very important questions Dan Maes needs to answer before anyone considers placing him in charge of the state. The first is a full accounting of his income vs. his expenses because there is a gigantic difference there. And Dan's response to all these questions is to refuse any interviews.

Until Dan Maes sits down with some reporters and provides credible answers to the numerous serious questions about his background, I don't think he deserves consideration. And you have an alternative in Tom Tancredo.

Tom Tancredo [ACP]

There are two Tom Tancredos, the one who is a knowledgeable thoughtful guy, and the one who is happy to blast out outrageous comments. Which would we get as governor? Both, because that's who he is.

On the knowledgeable, thoughtful side he will work to reduce the size and scope of our state government. He's not blindly anti-government, but he does think it should be significantly smaller, and that many functions, like K-12, be served by the private sector paid via tax revenue.

If you're conservative and/or think illegal immigration is the most serious problem the state faces, then Tom Tancredo is your candidate.


John Hickenlooper

Dan Maes

Tom Tancredo