The 2012 Colorado Ballot Amendments


Amendment 67

Amendment 68

Proposition 104

Proposition 105

An Independent Evaluation

I am a small business owner (software company) and I have tried to carefully and dispassionately evaluate these initiatives. I am not part of any group proposing or opposing any initiatives.

Amendment 67

This amendment will outlaw all abortions and some forms of birth control (details here).

If you want to ban all abortions and some forms of birth control vote yes.

If you want to keep abortions and birth control legal, vote no.

Amendment 68

This will legalize casino gambling at horse racetracks (details here). It will (probably) provide a small amount of revenue to K-12 schools.

If you want to force cities to allow casino gambling at racetracks, vote yes.

If you don't want to force this through the constitution, vote no.

Proposition 104

This will require all school board meetings discussing teacher pay to be open to the public (details here). At present meetings regarding personnel can be closed, but the final agreements are made public.

You've got the usual suspects on each side but I don't think this will have much impact either way.

If you want to force these meetings open, vote yes.

If you want these meetings to continue to be closed, vote no.

Proposition 105

This will require genetically modified food to be labeled "Produced With Genetic Engineering" (details here). At present there is no requirement for GMOs.

If you want to require this labeling, vote yes.

If you do not want to require this labeling, vote no.





Reference Sites

These sites provide more information on the initiatives. They do not provide a means of discussion.

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