The 2008 Colorado Ballot

Proposition 112


Increase setbacks from drilling location to the nearest home to 2,500 feet (it's presently 500 feet from the nearest home).

So presently a well can go in less than 2 football fields from your house (no endzones, just the field itself) - and that's from the building itself to the hole, with associated machinery closer.

The proposed law would make it a little over 8 football fields away.

IDK You're on your own

Drilling rig

Both sides have strong arguments here. I know if they want to drill by my house, I'd like it to be more than 2,500 feet away. Maybe a mile.

On the flip side, we need oil & gas and they have to drill somewhere.

I wish the drilling rigs were safer for the people around them, then this would be an easier decision. But they're not and nearby homeowners do face environmental issues.

My suggestion, assume that the next well will be by your house (it's possible), do you want it 2 football fields away, or 8? Vote based on that.

Arguments Against

This would basically make all the sites in semi-urban areas off-limits. And the Oil & Gas companies where there first, so people moving in should not interfere with their opportunity to make a profit.

In addition, Governor Bill Ritter, a politician I greatly admire and who has always fought strongly in the interests of the citizens of this state over those of the Oil & Gas companies, is opposed to this bill.

Arguments For

As homes have expanded across prime drilling areas, particularly in Weld County, we run up against the same problem wild animals face as homes move into a previously unoccupied area. Drilling wells are bad neighbors for homes. They have health risks, they're noisy, they smell.

And there's a ton of places away from all the urban sprawl that are good drilling sites. So it's not preclusing drilling, it's just not allowing it in neighborhoods.





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