The 2008 Colorado Ballot

Proposition 110


This increases the sales and use taxes and authorizes bonds against that money, but is for general transportation projects with no specific items.

The big issue on this is it is funded on sales tax, which comes close to maxing out what the people will accept in sales tax. But voters are more open to an increase in sales tax than an increase in the gas tax.

Vote YES! Vote Yes

Roads are a boring thing to spend money on. But when you can't get somewhere, then boy are they important. In addition, as we try to get companies to locate in Colorado, a good transportation infrastructure is critical to the vast majority of them.

Yes there are better ways to fund this. But we can't let the perfect be the enemy of an ok solution. This give us a fiscally responsible way to improve our transportation infrastructure.

If you believe in the future of Colorado, this is needed.

Arguments Against

The argument against is don't spend money on roads. Or take money away from other expenses and put it in roads instead.

Some also are against this because sales tax is a regressive tax and as such falls more heavily on those that are poorer. That's true.

Arguments For

Our transportation infrastructure in the state is on the edge of becoming a giant problem. And at present we not only can't build the new roads we so desperately need, but we can't keep the existing infrastructure in good shape. 





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Let's Go, Colorado